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Living in the UAE

Here's everything you need to know about living in the UAE, whether you're a new arrival or a seasoned local.

Getting Around

Getting around

There are some good public transport options across the UAE but most people travel by car, whether that’s driving themselves or using the generally excellent and inexpensive taxi service.

When you arrive in the UAE, the extensive, expanding network of roads can be intimidating, but once you find your bearings things become easier.

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Shopping plays a big role in everyday life in this part of the world, whether you're looking for top designers, high-street stores, souks or supermarkets.

Where to shop

Depending on what you need to buy, or how you want to spend your day, the UAE has a place to shop that will match your mood.

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Housing is one of the great challenges of setting up in the UAE, and although you may receive a housing allowance from your employer, you’ll probably need to top it up from your own pocket to cover the rent or mortgage.


World-class medical care is offered at private and public healthcare centres across the UAE, where you will find English-speaking staff and internationally trained medical teams in most hospitals and clinics.

General medical care

For general non-emergency medical care, most hospitals in the UAE have a clinic where you can turn up, present your insurance or health card and wait to see a general practitioner.

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Setting up a business

Setting up a business

Purely Business is a web portal dedicated to supporting the small and medium-sized enterprise, SME, business community developing in the UAE.

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Finance and Banking

Wherever in the world you live, chances are that you require a trusted banking partner to help you with your day-to-day finances as well as for future financial commitment and goals. This is also the case in the UAE.

Banking in the UAE

When choosing a bank to be your financial partner here in the UAE it is important to establish your needs and priorities.


Here in the UAE customers tend to visit a branch to open their account, but we know you’re busy and to simplify the process and make the onboarding experience as easy and convenient as possible, we can come to you and guide you in the necessary paperwork.

Financial solutions

It can be expensive to initially set up here in the UAE and you may need sizeable loans to purchase a car or cover rent.

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