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Wherever in the world you live, chances are that you require a trusted banking partner to help you with your day-to-day finances as well as for future financial commitment and goals. This is also the case in the UAE.

Banking in the UAE

When choosing a bank to be your financial partner here in the UAE it is important to establish your needs and priorities. Ask yourself if you need a car-loan? Do you send money back to your home country on a regular basis? What benefits do I prefer to be attached to my credit card? What is the cost attached to my day-to-day banking routine?


Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) will offer you all the necessary and required solutions for you to run your day-to-day banking needs as well as offer sophisticated financial solu tions to help you plan your long-term financial goals. Some of our more renowned benefits as a banking partner are:

Free Banking

ADCB is the first and only bank in the UAE that offers free banking. This means we don’t charge you for basic services like cheque-books, transfers or minimum balances not being fulfilled*.


As an ADCB customer you are automatically enrolled in our TouchPoints program. You earn these points simply by banking with us, the more active you are with us, the more points you earn! Points can be redeemed for air miles, shopping vouchers, utility payments and much more.

Credit Cards

At ADCB, we’ve made it easy to choose a credit card that matches your lifestyle – and rewards you for whatever you enjoy doing most. Whether it’s about enjoy complimentary flights & upgrades with Etihad Airways or value in your everyday purchases at LuLu (largest chain of hypermarkets) or having the flexibility and choice with TouchPoints, credit cards from ADCB offer you the best-in-class rewards for your card purchases.

Loans and Islamic Finance

Our loans/finance offer you the support you need to get where you’re going. And in the spirit of partnership, we offer competitive pricing, keep the application process quick and hassle-free and reward you with touchpoints. Then we make the experience even more rewarding by giving you a free credit card loaded with benefits.

Wealth Management

At ADCB, we help you define your financial goals and craft personalised strategies. We knowledgeably guide you in making the best choices – based on where you are in life, where you want to go, and your appetite for risk. We offer a wide range of both conventional as well as Shari’ah-compliant products to suit every investment strategy.

As the third largest bank in the UAE (by assets) we have been part of the UAE community for a long time and have throughout the years perfected our product and services to be your full-service financial partner here in the UAE.

All banks in the UAE requires you to obtain a residents visa before you can open a Current Account, so make sure your employer helps you with this on arrival.

*Terms and conditions apply


Find out more about ADCB at www.adcb.com.