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World-class medical care is offered at private and public healthcare centres across the UAE, where you will find English-speaking staff and internationally trained medical teams in most hospitals and clinics.


Medical insurance is essential in the UAE as healthcare is of a high standard, but expensive.

Employers' obligations

Abu Dhabi was the first emirate to introduce a compulsory medical insurance scheme for expats back in 2006 – and it’s only now that Dubai is following suit. By law, employers are responsible for the cost of an approved annual basic health insurance policy for all their employees; this can be extended to family members, otherwise it is their sponsor’s responsibility to insure them. Alternatively, employers must pay for a private insurance policy of their choice.

For anyone not covered by a company or private medical insurance yet, it is advisable to apply for a government health card as it entitles you to low cost medical treatment at public hospitals and clinics.


Apply for a government health card at damanhealth.ae if you live in Abu Dhabi, or dha.gov.ae in Dubai.