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The UAE's banks are all modern, customer friendly and well-regulated institutions – and offer you a lifeline for managing your finances, paying bills and borrowing money.

Opening an account

Opening a bank account in the UAE is straightforward and a requirement for most residents.

Here in the UAE customers tend to visit a branch to open their account, but we know you’re busy and to simplify the process and make the onboarding experience as easy and convenient as possible, we can come to you and guide you in the necessary paperwork.

It's compulsory for you to have a UAE bank account in UAE Dirhams if you are living and working here as this is where your salary will be paid into. As one of the largest providers of financial solutions in the UAE, ADCB is proud to offer our customers a wide variety of account solutions to fit your lifestyle. We offer both onshore and offshore banking with straight forward application process and benefits. Our Relationship Managers gladly take you through the features and how they will benefit you.

To open an account with ADCB, you will need to present originals of your passport, your residence visa and UAE Emirates ID. These are documents that are provided by your employer and received shortly after arrival.

Explore the variety of accounts below that are designed to meet your needs:


ADCB brings you a variety of accounts designed to meet your specific needs. Find out more information on www.adcb.com.

Conventional Banking

Savings Account Keep things simple; with a single currency (AED) and attractive half-yearly interest payments. Interest calculated every month based on your minimum monthly balance. Loaded with free* benefits including e-statements and remittances.

Current Account Bank more flexibly; with checking facility and no minimum balance. Available in all major currencies, with free* remittances and e-statements.

Call Account Enjoy more versatility; with a variety of major currencies and monthly interest payments. Interest calculated every day based on daily balance. Includes free* remittances and e-statements.

Active Saver Online Account Open a Savings Account online instantly and earn higher interest rates as your account balance grows.

Fixed Deposit Account Put idle cash to work; enjoy flexible tenures and guaranteed interest. Offering attractive rates, and available in many different currencies. Easy to set-up and manage. You can also apply for an overdraft facility to meet any urgent needs.

Debit Cards Secured with the latest ‘Chip and PIN’ technology, the Savings (except the Active Saver Online Account) and Current Accounts come with free* Debit Card. Offering greater flexibility and convenience your Debit Card is packed with an array of features and benefits which are carefully designed to make everyday purchases and payments easier.

What’s more, get rewarded for all your retail spend be it for utilities, dining, shopping or school fee payment on the type of Debit Card you use and choose: Etihad Guest Above Debit Card usage rewards you with Etihad Guest Miles , while Conventional / Islamic Debit card usage rewards you with TouchPoints.

*Terms and conditions apply

Islamic Banking

Savings Account

Keep things simple; save in AED with this Mudarabah partnership contract. Receive profit declaration and payments quarterly, based on minimum monthly balance. Loaded with free* benefits including e-statements and remittances.

Special Savings Account

Save for the future; in AED, USD, EUR or GBP. Receive quarterly profit declaration and payment based on average daily balance.

Current Account

Bank more flexibly; with checking facility and no minimum balance. Available in all major currencies, with free* remittances and e-statements.

Term Investment Deposit

Put idle cash to work; choose how long you want to save, and earn quarterly profit. Available in different currencies, with the option of automatic renewal.

Millionaire Destiny Savings Account

Realise your ambitions overnight; with the chance to win a grand prize of AED 1 million every month, 10 prizes of AED 10,000 each and 100 prizes of AED 5,000 each, while you earn quarterly profit.

Emirati Millionaire Savings Account (UAE nationals only)

Enhance your family’s prosperity; with the opportunity to win AED 1 million every 6 months, AED 250,000 every month and AED 10,000 announced daily.

*Terms and conditions apply

Online Shopping

Offshore Banking

An offshore account simply means an account outside your country of residence.

With ADCB Offshore Banking, your money will be held in Jersey – one of the leading offshore financial centres in the world. The Island of Jersey is an independently administered jurisdiction with comprehensive laws and regulations to protect its financial services industry. Offshore bank accounts will help you manage multiple currencies from anywhere in the world. Offshore accounts can be used to accumulate and grow your savings in a potentially tax efficient location. These savings will be easily accessible to you, irrespective of the country you reside in and can be managed efficiently using our award-winning ADCB Personal Internet Banking, which is convenient, user-friendly and secure. We offer a variety of accounts in US Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling and other major currencies, which you can access 24/7, including:

- Current Accounts
- Savings Accounts
- Call Accounts
- Time Deposits

You will have the option of receiving an internationally accepted foreign currency Offshore Banking Debit Card along with Current and Savings Accounts. These cards are acceptable at more than 900,000 ATMs and 23 million retail outlets worldwide. Please contact ADCB for further information.