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Looking forward to your new life in the UAE? Follow the checklists to becoming a legal resident in the UAE and you will feel right at home in no time at all.

  • Your employer may arrange this for you, but if not there are plenty of budget-friendly hotel apartments here.

  • When you land you may be asked this at immigration, and you'll also need to let the taxi driver know!

  • Your employer may organise this for you, but if not there are plenty of car rental agencies or taxi services. Once you have your residence visa, you can buy a vehicle.

  • You will need standard passport photos for visa applications, the medical test, driving licence... the list goes on!

  • It is also useful to redirect your mail to someone you trust for a few months after you leave. You'll have to pay, but it will allow you to catch correspondence from anyone you've forgotten to inform.

  • Keep these within easy reach, and do not pack them in your shipping container!