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Looking forward to your new life in the UAE? Follow the checklists to becoming a legal resident in the UAE and you will feel right at home in no time at all.

  • Be sure to collect all verifying documentation from your vet; you’ll also need to arrange an import permit well in advance.

  • You will want to find a permanent home as soon as you get your UAE residence visa, so come prepared. See the How To section for step by step guides to rent a property.

  • Once you have a UAE residence visa, you can get your child’s name on the waiting list for a school, which you'll need to do as soon as possible.

  • If you have a UAE job offer, your employer is obligated to book flights for you and your family; check first, and if not book flights in advance to save yourself money.

  • Request a report from the school before your children leave, plus any certificates.

  • Request a no claims certificate from your insurance company as some UAE insurers will recognise this.

  • If you have a UAE job offer, your employer may arrange shipping or at least provide you with a moving allowance, so check first.

  • Also, cancel gym and health club memberships, and any other subscriptions services you will no longer require.

  • Also, check if you need any immunisations for travelling to the UAE.